About us

Search for good quality work gloves in the market

We have long been asking ourselves, as a consumer, if there is a good quality product in the modern market which would meet the high standards of a consumer who is a worker searching for a good tool or attribute for his activity. Our research in this sphere showed a sad result. There is practically no choice of quality at the consumer market. Instead, there is a low quality product with short durability.

The decision to occupy the niche of a quality product manufacturer in the market.

Having observed the situation in the modern market for a long time, we decided to satisfy a demanding customer in his requests and needs. Studying certified products and world standards, we managed to come up with a high-quality product at a moderate price, thus offering a possibility for many consumers with limited budget to have access to a quality product.

As a result, we became a reliable supplier of high-quality products not only in our country, but also abroad.